Mudkips Friends

I was bored today so i decided to just go to a bunch of social networking/answer/forum sites and search for people using only the term “Mudkips“. A lot of the damn dating sites make you register so I skipped them. I went to about a dozen or so, but eventually got tired of finding weak results so I decided to ask about them on the stupic ass search engine and give you a conversation breakdown of it…lol

Here’s a few social sites I found them on:

lol myspace
Yahoo! Answers

Oh…and this one I see searched a lot, but nobody has the pics anywhere until i found this one…These are pics of a girl painted like a Mudkip. These pics aren’t for kids so be warned.

ChaCha Conversation:

Status: Connecting …
Status: Looking for a guide …
Status: Guide has connected to help you with your search on Abominal Mudkipz. Please wait while your guide searches for your results.
Guide: Welcome to ChaCha!
Guide: Hello, I would be glad to assist with your search. Is there anything specific on this topic you are searching for?
You: Is there such thing as Abominal Mudkipz?
You: Abominable maybe?
Guide: Let me see
Guide: One moment please
You: I know they live in warm weather, but never herd of one in the cold
You: i herd they were bigger and mean
Guide: I don’t see anything on your topic
You: that mean they don’t exist?
Guide: Well, I don’t see anything
You: hmmm…ask Google if they liek mudkipz and you might find it
Guide: LEt me see
Guide: NOthing

Guide: LEt me see
Guide: NOthing
You: you type fast like me and double capitalize. so i never cap anymore…lol

Guide: Is there anything else that I can help you with?
You: hmmm…how about looking for snowy mudkipz?

Guide: One moment while I look that up for you.
You: this site busy now you have to log in?

Guide: I don’t see anything on that.. WOuld you like me to transfer you to another guide to see if they can find it for you?
You: sure…thanks you

Guide: One moment please.. Thanks for using chacha.. Have a good night.
Transfer: You are being transferred to another guide who can help you search even better!
Status: Looking for a guide …
Status: Guide2 has connected to help you with your search on Abominal Mudkipz. Please wait while your guide searches for your results.
Guide2: Welcome to ChaCha!

Guide2: hello
You: hi
You: I spelled it wrong. Supposed to be abominable
Guide2: ok one moment please

You: is the chacha good job?

there is nothing on abominable mudkipz
Guide2: Is there anything else on this topic I can find for you today?
You: some guy told me abominable mudkip soup is a good eat.
You: don’t watn them to get hurt so I need info to save them

and then I was banned:

Search With Guide is disabled because you have been involved in a possible abusive action. Our abuse alert is set at a low threshold to protect our visitors and guides.

If you feel that you have received this message in error, please e-mail us at with a request for re-entry to our site.

We appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

Stupid ChaCha Guide. They hardly make any money as it is. Banning people is just stupid one their part. The ChaCha Pranksters are the best customers.

Play Pac-Man and Tetris Free

I was messing around with Widgets yesterday and decided to throw Pac-Man and Tetris onto this blog for people to play if they so choose. It’s an old classic and a great time waster. Controls are easy. Use the arrow keys! If you need to pause the game just hit the “P” button and it will pause for you. You can play it in this post now that you see it, and I will link to this post on the sidebar so you can play it later on as it drops off the front page. Well at least for a while. There are more games and I may add a few more posts with them in it later as well. Enjoy!

Play Pac Man Online
Play Tetris Online
Play Super Mario World Online
Play Duck Hunt Online
Play Space Invaders Online
Play Asteroids Online
Play BurgerTime Online
Play Centipede Online
Play Pong Online