The word Fap

The word fap won’t be left to your imagination anymore should you run a crossed it after this explanation. It may be an acronym for hundreds of organizations, or goofball slogans, but on an internet message board it has an entirely different meaning. The word fap is a verb in most cases that signifies male masturbation. It is used by immature youngsters on message boards where the traditional masturbation slang terms have been flagged by the administrators. So to allow users to talk about the popular subject of masturbation some bozos introduced the word fap into the internet vocabulary just so they could bypass word censors on their favorite sites. People who use this term typically will show a wide range of criminal activity on their Background Checks. They are perverts.

The word can be used several ways like the “F” word, but it isn’t quite that diverse as it hasn’t been around long enough to have hit such a mass usage. Let’s go to the vulgar examples:

Example 1: Did you see those Adriana Lima pics? *fap fap fap*

Example 2: Tom faps 6 times a day.

Example 3: My mom walked in while I was fapping to Anime.

Example 4: My science professor faps to pictures of black holes.

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  1. Tom on July 25th, 2007

    You are a douche.

  2. The Troll on July 28th, 2007


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