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Happy 420 Day!


You know what it is.

Blaze up, smoke down, kill your short-term memory, and eat 10 pies.

Today is Marijuana Christmas. Open your pretty bags and stuff your bowls full of greens. In other words, a reason to celebrate getting high.


It is widely accepted that in 1971, a group of teenagers at San Rafael High School in San Rafael, California, calling themselves “The Waldos”, used to meet every day after school at 4:20 p.m. to smoke marijuana at the Louis Pasteur statue. [2] [3] The term became part of their group’s salute, “420 Louis,”[4] and it eventually caught on more widely. Many cannabis users continue to observe 4:20 as a time to smoke communally. By extension April 20 (“4/20″ in U.S. dating shorthand) has evolved into a counterculture holiday, where people gather to celebrate and consume cannabis.[5] [6]

There are also many apocryphal urban legends attempting to explain the origin of the term. Two of the most common of these are that 420 refers to the number of active ingredients in cannabis, or that it is police dispatch code for cannabis.[7] In actual fact there are around 315 active chemicals in cannabis, varying depending on the exact plant used, and 420 has never been verified as the police dispatch code for anything in any locale.

If you are a dork and need to know what the origins of it are you can always read the wholeWiki.

atheist knocking on the doors of the mormons

Technorati Faves Experiment

A few weeks back the writer of the DoshDosh blog decided to create Dosh Dosh’s Ultimate Technorati Favorites Exchange: An Interactive Experiment where we could see how many times we could get faved just by reciprocating. To take it a little bit further, Mr. Gary Lee, created the Share the Power of Technorati Faves listt hat not only let’s us fave people, but gives us more Technorati links as well.

Add to Technorati Favorites

Take a look at the directions below:

***Start Copying Here:***

Here are the rules:

1) Fave all the blogs on this list.

2) Write a short introduction paragraph about how you found the list and include a link to the blog that referred you to the list.

3) COPY the Rules and ENTIRE List below and post it to your blog. To avoid duplicate content and increase the amount of keywords your site can accessible for, go ahead and change the titles of your blog. Just don’t change the links of the blog.

4) Take all of the “My New Faves” from the blog that linked you and add them to the “Original Faves” list.

5) Add up to 5 more faves to your “My New Faves” List along with a link to fave them. (You can just copy and replace a url from the other ones so you have the link and don’t have to hunt down the blogs on Technorati.)

My New Faves

Shadowscope-Fave the Site
theapp.net-Fave the Site
Miles Business Blog-Fave the Site
The Pond-Fave the Site
ah ok lah – blogosphere and life-Fave the Site
CoolAdzine for Marketers-Fave the Site

The Original Faves

Digital Nomads-Fave the Site
Soho Quest-Fave the Site
The Sovereign Journey-Fave the Site
Internet Serious Business-Fave the Site

Stephen FungFave the Site Add him to your favorites and he’ll donate to charity!
Ed LauFave the Site
QMusingsFave the Site

Gary LeeFave the Site
Dosh DoshFave the Site
Nate Whitehill
Fave the Site

Ms. DanielleFave the Site
Jeff KeeFave the Site
Scribble on the WallFave the Site

ChaChaFave the Site
Jon LeeFave the Site
SamanathonFave the Site

Eat Drink & Be Merry - Fave the Site
The Man of Silver
Fave the Site
Hannes JohnsonFave the Site
My Dandelion Patch
Fave the Site

Nathan DrachFave the Site
SiteLogicFave the Site
Julies JournalFave the Site
***End Copying Here***

At this point I have gotten faved an additional 40 times in the last few days on my other blog already. I try to follow this list around. It is easy to see as you will see the incoming links on your Technorati pages. When i see a link come in for this I just go to that blog and fave it.


Gaurav has let me know about an excellent faves list he has going as well. Take a look at his site by hitting up his Technorati Faves Exchange.

Another faves list you can check out is on Vinod’s site calle the Technorati Link Exchange.

Bloggers Choice Awards

Just happened to notice some incoming stats and realized that this blog got nominated for some blogger’s Choice Awards by my buddy Amy. She nominated me for a few categories on this one, but I like it as a humor blog for the most part.

Thanks for the nomination, Amy. If anyone wants to vote for me I would certainly appreciate it :) .

Couple of others to vote for.

Most obnoxious: Burned By the Man

Hottest Mommy Blogger: Whatever I Feel Like

I wish I could figure out how to get my picture changed on all these sites like Alexa, those little Snap Preview shots, etc. My template has been different than that pic for a month now.

My site was nominated for Best Humor Blog!

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