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There is a new site out that does Interviews with Bloggers from Around the Blogshpere called Blog Interview. I recently asked for an interview about this blog and it was promptly granted. I had a good time doing it and was glad to get the extra exposure. Take a look at my interview and tell me how I did.

What are you listening to right now?

This is an old message board classic and is simply a way for post whores to get people to talk to them. It’s one of those topics that no matter how dumb you think it is, even the biggest troll has a hard time passing it by without throwing a song in. I don’t know what the fascination is with it, but I guess it just makes us all feel like we are great because we are listening to something that we didn’t write, can’t sing ourselves, and couldn’t even tell you what the lyrics are half the time. No one really looks at it like that though. People bust out with the things like “This is MY song”. No it isn’t. You like it, and it is maybe your favorite, but I highly doubt that Elton John, or Beyonce were thinking of you when they wrote it. I guess i’m too technical about stuff like that and it is just old fashined message board fun.

I love Ceiling Cat


That’s a zero and not an O. pr0n is another internet slang term that is a cult favorite and is used quite a bit in gaming forums. Typically it is used to describe what you think it describes, that is porn. It is a form of L337 speak which is a totally different subject and you can get that from the link. pr0n is used like above, but you can typically seen it used when something is great too. Mostly it is used to avoid word filters that flag the word “porn”.

Some examples:

Poset 1: I just pwnd a n00b cuz he suxxorz.
Poster 2: j00 gamz skeelz is teh pr0n.

Poster 1: Click the link for the pr0n.

Poster 1: I use the internet for pr0n.
Poster 2: You will go blind from fapping.

Poster 1: OMG j00 l337 5h0pk33p0r, sn3d m3 s|_|m pr0n
Poster 2: Shut up loser.
Poster 3: Get off teh interwebs n00b. pr0n is teh roxxors.

Still the best Youtube

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