Random Pictures on Message Boards

One picture is worth a thousand words. If you are too high or drunk to post anything worthwhile there is probably a picture out there that will say: “Hey, I have nothing to add here, but look at this.”

This is a personal favorite:

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Join the Grammar Police

There is no better way to display your superiority over other message board users than breaking out the old book of grammar. No man should be allowed to say such things as:

“Their coming to my house.”
“Your an idiot.”
“I have too balls.”
“I want to go two.”

Nope. You need to point out their lack of grammatical skills ASAP. It is a sure fire way to keep a thread rolling along. You will never understand the joy of questioning one’s intelligence until you are called the Grammar Police.

Idiot’s Guide to Message Board Lingo

I scoured the web (one or two sites) and found this lingo for you.

LOL=Laughing Out Loud.

That’s all I could find. Enjoy.

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Internet Serious Business