World Wide Web is 25

If I didn’t already feel old when I got out of bed every morning after years of debauchery starting to catch up to me, knowing that I was around when the internet was invented and it has been 25 years doesn’t help either. Over this time I have most definitely become much lazier. That is why for the 25th anniversary of the internet I’m not even going to go back and look at anything. I’m not going to talk about what it was like to use AOL for only 20 hours a month and having only news to read and chat rooms to use as my internet “fun”. Basically being a kid in puberty finding out that everyone on the internet was a pervert already even back then. With my Windows 3.1 and my 64 MB hard drive. A computer that had less memory than some watches you can buy these days like Tissot watches from My iPod Touch alone can hold about 253423423 of my hard drives in it.

I’m old. Mostly because I’m talking about how it used to be and how I was there when…the internet. Where I look at porn, talk about sports, troll people I don’t know on Youtube, and play video games. Greatest invention ever.

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Bacon, with a side of bacon, bacon balled up and wrapped with bacon, bacon…

Something that I always found hilarious was to talk about bacon like Bubba talked about shrimp in Forest Gump. Bringing even callbacks to random shows like the Cosby Show where Cliff used to talk about his “Bacon burger DOG”, which obviously was a hamburger with a hotdog on it, and a bunch of bacon as far as I can tell. It’s just one of those conversations that you can start up with other dudes that will always go on for a while if they have any comedic chops at all. You and that guy think it is hilarious of course, but some people don’t get it. Especially when one of you goe into the Beggin’ Strips commercial tirade. “It’s Bacon!”

The people that do get it though are those crazy SOBs from Epic Meal Time. With guys even wearing T-shirts that sum up this bit as good as you possibly can. Plain t-shirts that have it printed on them that just say “bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips & bacon strips”. While dreaming of bacon the other day I decided to see what searching for bacon on Youtube would bring up and realized that Epic Meal Time spends a great deal of time on this fascinating subject. Including this insane “Date With Bacon”.

True men here. Not just some plastic handles for this dinner date. All metal.

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Starbound Finally Released! Darkout Released Same Day

STarbound hardly needs any help with promotion. I bought in on the kickstarter almost 2 years ago it is now and finally on December 4th it got a Beta release on Steam. It quickly became the #1 seller on Steam, although we have a long waat before we get a completed game here. Many bugs and patches, including a complete save wipe already in the first week. More save sipes seem to be on their way so even though the game is fairly stable and playable it has a lot of mechanics issues that they haven’t decided on so any of you ready to buy it now are in for a long haul of beta testing. FAr too early to give any sort of review. IF you haven’t heard of Starbound just take a look at their website and buy it whenever the Beta stage is far enough along for you to not whine about it being in beta.

Amazingly, a game I put in for on Indigogo about the same time as a kickstarter, Darkout was released on Steam the exact same day. So as you can imagine I am spending a bit of time playing both. I have spent considerably more time playing Darkout the last week than I have Starbound. With the impending save wipe, and the feeling that the Starbound universe is still very clunky and the combat feels very stiff along with the enemies still I decided to give Darkout my attention to give my Steam Friends a good look at it as it needs more help getting noticed.

Darkout falls into the same sort of genre as Starbound, and subsequently Terraria, but it has a much darker atmosphere and the graphics are of much higher quality. The world detail is incredible and looks virtually nothing like the other two.

Darkout has a research system in which while exploring you gain a ton of materials that allow you to go through a ton of research trees. This is a very fun system and I have spent most of my time seeing just what new things we can create in it. IT is very deep and adds a lot of exploration elements to the game to find all the materials needed to craft and research.

The other thing hat Darkout has that is much different than Terraria is a complete story and quest lines. Starbound has some of this too, but Darkout is based on a dark vs. light world and begins with one character stranded and lost. They must go through gates, build a shelter to survive, and explore. While Starbound seems to get worse the more I play at the is early stage, Darkout gets much better and deeper. The early tutorial is a little rough, but Darkout is also in Beta stage too, but has most of the pieces there for a full release. It plans to add on a bunch more stuff like multiplayer, but it is still ironing out a few gameplay mechanics. IT still is FAR a head of Starbound in playability and you can finish the game with no worries about having any of your saves deleted.

IF you are short on cash and only have enough for one I would strongly suggest getting Darkout now and waiting on Starbound for a couple more months. They are updating Starbound a lot, but it also has so much further to go before I consider it a game I would highly recommend. Darkout is more immersive to me and the huge graphical upgrade over the others makes the world seem fresh, while STarbound is much more like Terraria in design, although it dos look better in some respects.

Here is the Darkout Steam Release video, and here is their Steam Store Page (currently 15% off) to take a look at. I still say to buy BOTH these games if you can. STarbound will be one of the biggest games on Steam eventually, and maybe one of the biggest games on Steam ever with the integrated modding tools and the massive amount of content. Both are easily as much fun as the goconnect real estate crm app you can get.

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Steam Finally Allowing User Reviews

While we could always recommend games to our Friends, we could never read reviews from actual players like every other forum known in existence has done for years. Instead we got a never very accurate Metacritic score, that while sometimes relevant, it had a lot of issues with a lot of games. For instance a lot of the Early Access, and Beta games that were submitted for review would have an ugly low 50′s score sitting on their store page that couldn’t ever be fixed. The lazy amongst us would see that score and disregard some very decent games if they weren’t willing to go onto the forums and read why the score was so low.

Now? We can get actual gamer reviews and they can be rated up, or down. On top of that we can downvote games we don’t like. My first was the horrid Dead Island. God I hate that zombie piece of crap game. No such thing as games only getting positive reviews now. The slackers who write awful reviews will get downvoted, although those with 100 friends will still probably show up as some of the most helpful even if they do stink. Still…it’s a great addition finally. You can swing well on your swing sets virginia beach knowing that people can finally see your opinion and tell you that it sucks.

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Uploading Screenshots to Steam For Games That Can’t

Some games on Steam just don’t allow for using the typical F12 to upload screenshots to your Steam account. The biggest problem game is of course The Binding of Isaac because it is a Flash game, where people really want to upload them, but can’t. This video below shows how to do it for not just games, but for anything . If you follow this exactly you can upload any photo to Steam you want. Just have to associate with a game of some sort. This guy deserves a selection of guy harvey jewelry.

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